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Keith Tibbetts, the principal, started woodworking in 1969 while studying Architectural Design at MIT. The woodworking shop at MIT was exceptionally well equipped and included many older, experienced woodworkers to learn from. This provided excellent training for Keith as his passions for woodworking developed rapidly with this hands-on training experience.

After graduating, he opened his own shop in Newburyport MA in 1973, making butcher block furniture (fortunately a passing trend). Keith lived and worked in Boston for the following 14 years enjoying the explosive real estate boom in the area and developing and refining his skills, his design capabilities and his knowledge and understanding of his business.

He soon understood that his level of design and his commitment to quality required him to focus on a smaller market, which wanted and could afford his quality of design and workmanship.

Keith eventually acquired his dream location to live and work, purchasing 150 beautiful acres in the Berkshire Hills in Western Massachusetts and building his workshop, home and green house for his orchids. He lives there with his wife from Thailand, Tukta and his two beautiful daughters ages 5 and 11.

Business relationships with his Boston area clients remain exceptionally strong and provide a never ending line of projects from existing clients and the referrals he gets from his growing family of delighted clients.

It is no wonder that Sir Paul McCartney (yes, the Beatles) heard of Keith's woodworking skill and asked Keith to make some doors and cabinetry for his NY townhouse. Keith's reputation has been growing in the Boston medical field also as he has been designing and building offices, reception areas and other facilities for Mass General Hospital, MIT and other private and public institutions.

Keith does all the design work, (except when he works with a chosen architect or designer) and is always applying his passion and knowledge about wood beauty to enhance his clients projects. In fact he is so enthralled with the potential of wood he frequently selects logs from local loggers, has them cut, dried and milled for his projects.

Keith has further developed his artistic passions with his orchid growing hobby. He enjoys his 1000 square foot green house in which he grows hundreds of orchids and tropical plants and five banana trees over twelve feet high. Orchid growing is a never ending experience of learning, beauty and wonder.

In addition to Keith, there is a team of exceptionally skilled woodworkers contributing to most jobs as they approach each project as a team.

Peter is the most experienced cabinetmaker He has been at it for a long time and has been with us for over 6 years. He knows all the tricks and is a master woodworker. They all go to him for help and advice!

Jeff is our milling person. He also does most of the sanding, wrapping and organizing. He has a meticulous work style which fits well into our shop. He also installs all the pulls (the handles!).

We have other highly skilled craftsman we can rely on from time to time when the need arises or the specific expertise is required. It depends upon the job's requirements. But everyone who works on any project we bring into the shop understands and commits to our standards: Great design, high quality materials, exceptional workmanship, timely delivery and precise installation.

: 95 Windsor Bush Road Cummington, MA 01026 Phone: 413-684-3585 Fax: 413-684-3842
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